"Tailored Strength & Conditioning: Maximising Performance for Your Unique Event"

Strength and Conditioning at the Centre of Excellence adopts an athlete-centred and coach-driven approach to provide performance and development programs tailored to individual needs and event-specific requirements. Our support includes squad-based training, one-on-one performance sessions, and online assistance for both local and remote athletes. 


How to get started? 


1.Initiate with a Performance Call:

Kickstart your journey with us by scheduling a performance call. This introductory conversation allows you to learn more about the Centre of Excellence (COE), book appointments, and ask any questions specific to your needs and goals. 

2. Schedule Performance Testing:

Dive into detailed, individualised performance analysis through our performance testing. These assessments provide the foundational insights necessary to craft a tailored training program geared towards optimising your athletic performance. 

3. Receive a Detailed Report:

After undergoing performance testing, receive a comprehensive report that offers valuable information for coaches, athletes, and other stakeholders. This report serves as a guide for training and performance optimisation, offering insights into strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. 

4. Select Your Training Option:

Choose the ideal membership or training option to begin maximising your event-specific performance. Whether you're seeking personalised coaching, squad sessions, or access to our facilities, we offer a range of options tailored to your needs.


5. Optimise Your Program with Add-ons:

Take advantage of additional support services to complement your training journey. Opt for nutrition guidance, Sports Science & Sports Medicine (SSSM) consultations, and Recovery options to ensure comprehensive support. 

6. Begin Your Training Journey:

With your personalised report in hand and your chosen training option selected, it's time to dive into training. Start your journey towards peak performance and unlock your full potential on the track and field.