Junior Development Program 

"Create the most adaptable athlete for future success by building the foundations of speed, strength and power"


Athletics NSW's Junior Development Program prioritises the development of adaptable athletes by building strong foundations in speed, agility, strength and power. Our approach not only extends their athletics journey, keeping them engaged and active in physical activity but also ensures the development of robust athletes, reducing the risk of future growth-related injuries. 

The journey starts with the Junior Athletic Movement Assessment which screens the athlete's growth, maturation, and competency in key movements that are common across all sports. 

From here, athletes come in to train alongside other athletes of similar development levels and participate in individualised training appropriate to their stage of development under the guidance of our coaches. 



Our Vision


Through tailored screening and individualised training, our program focuses on improving movement patterns, coordination, strength, power and speed. By maximising athletic potential both physically and mentally, our program gives young athletes every chance to achieve their long-term sporting goals.




"Where to Start"


1. Book a call with our team
2. Initial Screening at our centre
3. Results and plan of action
4. Enrol into the Program
5. Start Training
Speak to our Performance & Pathways Manager to discuss your child's needs and performance goals Our movement screening helps our coaches to understand your child's stage of development and movement competency A follow up call to go through results from testing and explain your child's tailored plan to improve their performance Enrol into our program through the online sign up portal on our website Start training alongside athletes of similiar development level and build the foundations of speed and agility, strength and power



"Stages of Development"


Junior Development Level 1
Setting up foundations around training preparation, athleticism and trunk function. Gamification styled training aims to increase enjoyment and engagement whilst exposing juniors to movement skills.
Junior Development Level 2
Introduction to a more structured training exposing juniors to variability training aimed at increasing athlete adaptability rather than exercise mastery.
Junior Development Level 3
Increased focus on training under load. This phase emphasises the need to increase strength capacity to progress movement pattern competencies and prepare juniors for the next stage of development.
Introduction to S&C training consolidating the work in Junior Development Level 3 and beginning to focus on exercise mastery whilst increasing strength capacity