"What gets measured, gets managed"

Our performance testing services are designed to assist in unlocking maximum potential within the realm of track and field athletics.

Through comprehensive assessments, we focus on cultivating both event-specific and general physical capabilities, including strength, power, speed, and overall athleticism. By tailoring our testing protocols to the unique demands of track and field events, we provide athletes with valuable insights and targeted training recommendations, enabling them to optimise their performance. 


"Step-by-Step Guide: What Happens During Testing"


1. Athlete History Consultation

Sit down with the athlete to discuss their athletic history, including past performances, injuries, and training regimes, to understand their baseline.

2. Anthropometric Assessment

Conduct anthropometric measurements to assess the athlete's body composition, dimensions, and proportions, providing insight into their physical attributes.

3. Power and Strength Evaluation

Assess the athlete's power and strength capabilities through specific exercises and tests designed to measure explosiveness and force production.

4. Physiotherapy Examination

Perform a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment to evaluate the athlete's musculoskeletal health, identifying any areas of weakness or imbalance that may impact performance.

5. Performance Testing Summary

Sit down with the athlete, coach and stakeholders to provide a summary of the testing results, discussing strengths, areas for improvement, and personalised recommendations for training and injury prevention strategies.