Our Story 


Aligned closely to NSWIS and AA programs, the newly unveiled Centre of Excellence is designed to serve as a hub for athletes and coaches, offering a comprehensive range of programs tailored to enhance their skills, knowledge, and exposure. Emphasising the importance of holistic development, the centre aims to prepare individuals for elite competition.
It focuses on the importance of ensuring emerging NSW athletes and coaches have acquired all the skills, knowledge, experience, and exposure along their athletics journey that will allow them to cope with pressure, relish opportunities, and perform at their best when they reach the elite arena.
Operating under a membership-based model, the NSW Centre of Excellence serves as the cornerstone of a broader Performance and Pathways Plan initiated by Athletics NSW. This strategic initiative establishes a new business unit within Athletics NSW, dedicated to providing aspiring and pre-elite athletes and coaches with comprehensive support services.
The centre's offerings include Strength and Conditioning (S&C), Sports Science, and Sports Medicine (SSSM) support services, aimed at preparing athletes and coaches to achieve their full potential and ensuring they are 'institute ready' when they transition to elite competition.
The opening of the NSW Centre of Excellence marks a significant step forward in the development of athletics in New South Wales, signalling a commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and providing athletes and coaches with the resources they need to succeed on the national and international stage.


Our Team

Nils Hestermann

General Manager

Performance and Pathways

Justin Trang

Performance and Pathways


Caitlin Byron

Sports Dietitian


Jackson Wiliams

Strength and Conditioning Coach   

Shona O'Connell-Shae

Strength and Conditioning Coach   

Lachlan McNamara

Strength and Conditioning Coach   

Joel Wood

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Rebecca Beuk