Frequently Asked Questions 


All programmes are personalised to suit the athlete, considering their training history, initial performance assessments, and the specific event they compete in. 

The frequency of testing depends on various factors including training phase, goals, and individual requirements. Testing intervals are determined in consultation with their personal coach and coaching staff to ensure optimal progress tracking. 

Training frequency is determined based on individual needs, goals, and training phase. Our coaching team collaborates with athletes and their sporting coach to develop a tailored training schedule that optimises performance while considering factors such as event specific training, recovery, adaptation, and injury prevention. 

Yes, athletes receive dedicated coaching and supervision during training sessions to ensure proper technique, adherence to programming, and maximisation of performance outcomes. Our experienced coaches provide guidance, support, and feedback throughout the training process. 

We welcome athletes of all ages and offer specialised coaching programmes tailored to junior athletes (Junior Development Programme – JDP). Please click HERE to see all our training options. 


We provide remote coaching (Online Programming) services tailored to individual needs. Through online platforms and virtual coaching sessions, athletes receive personalised training programmes, ongoing support, and feedback from our coaching team, ensuring effective training regardless of location. Our Online Membership also includes monthly face-to-face check-ups. 

Yes, we provide open gym access during off-peak hours (please refer to our opening times). For those interested in gym-only access, we begin with an initial performance testing session as part of the induction process. 


You can book a session online via your Centre of Excellence Membership Portal click HERE. If you are having trouble or need assistance, you can give us a call on 9764 5787 and one of our friendly team members will assist you with your booking.  

If you are running late, please call the centre on 9764 5787 and our team will assist you. 

If you can no longer make a session, simply cancel your appointment and/or class via your member portal HERE (or your app) with 2 hours’ notice. 

When a class is full, we will have a waitlist you can join. If a member cancels you will be contacted via email if you still would like to join the class. The system will contact you in the order that you join the waitlist.

You can log in to your membership portal online HERE (or your app) and go to the “Membership” section and you will see an “Add hold” button. Click on this and it will prompt you too add in a reason and the dates you would like to go on hold. Once your hold has been added, you’ll receive an email confirmation.  

Log in to your membership portal online HERE (or your app) and go to your “Membership” section and you’ll see a “Cancel” button. Click on this and it will prompt you to select a cancellation date. Once cancellation has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation.  

Log in to your membership portal online HERE and go to your “Account” section and you will see different drop-down boxes to choose what specific information you would like to update. Please note you cannot update personal information in the app. 

Log in to your membership portal online HERE (or your app) and go to your “Account” section and you will see a “Update Billing Info” button, click on this and it will prompt you to update.  

You can log in to your membership portal online HERE (or your app) and go to the “My Account” section and you will see an “Account History” button. This will show you previous receipts and upcoming payments. 

You can via the Contact us button on the website or HERE click on “Contact Us” and one our friendly team will get back to you within 2 business days. Alternatively, please call us on 9764 5787. 

If you are unable to check in, please let your coach know, and they will assist you. 

Off-Peak indicates the times you can book in for a gym session. These times are generally quieter times in the gym. They may vary each day so check the schedule for availability.  

Yes, you will have to book in to reserve your spot to use the gym even during off peak times as there is limited space, and we want to ensure athletes are able to train comfortably.  


We are located inside Sydney Olympic Parks Athletics Centre, on Edwin Flack Ave.  

We have state of the art equipment for all your training needs. We have physiotherapy rooms, including private rooms, waiting area, bathrooms, change room, and more. 

Our Centre of Excellence is open Monday to Friday from 7am until 7pm and Saturday 8am until 12:30pm. 


You can park next to the Quest hotel, on the surrounding street (please check parking signs) and in the Sydney Olympic Park parking stations.  

Bus Number 525 (Parramatta to Strathfield) 

Bus Number 526 (Burwood to Rhodes) 

Service drops off at the corner of Edwin Flack Ave and Dawn Fraser Ave right opposite the main entrance of the Athletics Centre. 

The closest training station is Sydney Olympic Park which is approximately 750m walk.  

Please check for service information.  

Yes, we do. We have a lift at our entrance on the left-hand side that will take you down one floor to the main entrance.